Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Salam and good day.
Its nearly the middle of December, and the weather is still unseasonably warm... with the occasional rain once or twice a week, except for the wind... which is common during this monsoon season. The Northeast wind which usually announces its arrival with the rain knocking at our doorsteps seems to have misplaced its companion somewhere along its journey towards the Southwest. But I have no doubt that the rain will come eventually... hopefully not with a vengeance.

Tonight is a particularly windy night. The air is chilly and the sky is overcast... with the promise of rain. Tonight,,, there are no stars to be seen ... but that,s okay, because last night has more than made up for tonight's lack of twinkle,

Last night... the sky was beautiful... clear... cloudless ... covered with stars... scattered with constellations... I'm quite sure I saw Orion there... and some other constellations which I do not recognize. Seeing diamonds in the sky and being visited by Orion was cosmic but what was even more awe inspiring was that i saw a shooting star... twice..

I have never seen a shooting star before .... so imagine how shocked I was when i suddenly saw a streak of light disappearing behind my roof. My first thought was... I must be a plane... but planes have blinking lights... then I thought maybe it was the remnant of a firework... but i didn't hear any firework sounds. so.. I gazed up into the sky... contemplating on whether that was a shooting star I just saw, at the same time, mesmerized by the three stars forming Orion's belt... when suddenly another streak of light appeared across the sky. WOW!!!... So... it was a shooting star that I saw. It was divinely majestic. It was awe inspiring. It lifted my spirits... I could actually physically feel my spirits being lifted higher... I felt hopeful all of a sudden. That was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen in my entire life... well... actually, that was the second most wonderful thing I have ever seen. The first? I will tell you about it... in the next post... really I will... i just can't promise when.

Eh?... what was the question again? What was I doing outside at nearly eleven o'clock at night?  Oh... it was my grandson... he said he felt hot and sweaty so... he wanted to wash his body... translated... he wants to run around splashing water all over the place ... though he did stood beside me... gazing up into the sky... saying... I love the stars ... before continuing his spree... and I chose not to burden his three year old mind with philosophy at that moment.

It's funny how a streak in the sky which lasted not more than two seconds made me feel hopeful.

ps: sorry this post is a bit wordy. Too sleepy to upload pics ... :-D


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